YIN/JIPAS Young Professionals Knowledge Event

Looking into the future at the Young Professional Event

On august the 30th the Young Professionals from the aerospace cluster (JIPAS) and Holland Instrumentation (HI) held their first mutually organized Knowledge Event. The topics were Augmented Reality and Blockchain. Some 40 participants assembled at the comfortable INHolland Aerospace faculty facilities in Delft. Subject matter experts exchanged opinions and views and thus learned from one another from the subject matter at hand.

 Maritime maintenance with AR

Raymon Lubbers entrepreneur on Augmented Reality systems introduced the group to his company FEO-AR and its relation to the maritime maintenance world. His system (providing a computer generated additional information layer over the the real-life system) could, from any land-based location, provide sea-based maintenance engineers with (augmented) repair instructions for (broken) parts while sailing on the oceans. Imagine the cost efficiency of such systems, no direct port visits for emergency repairs are immediately needed anymore. Such systems can of course also be made available for other industrial sectors. During a heated discussion with the participants Raymon had to dig deep into his knowledge base to provide the right answers. It certainly helped that his system was “live” during the session so he could demonstrate it.


Deep look into the future 

Jan-Peter Dooernik, Sr Business Developer at Enexis went even a step further into the future. His lecture was titeled “the Future Society” so we knew beforehand that we were going to be tested on our level of commitment during in joining him in his thoughts on the future society. He took us on a trip were blockchain technology would eventually change the way we look at the functioning of robots and the use of money. His lecture took a more visionary turn and he commited the audience by his use of “thought-experiments” where he challenged the audience to participate in the lecture. Even aftee the lecture a number of participants continued with a heated discussion on the topic. The rest joined drinks and snacks that were being served.


Strengthening the Network

 The JIPAS aerospace cluster is formally joining Holland Instrumentation. This was the first mutually organized event. The event was proof of a happy marriage between several industrial sectors. All of them can strengthen one another while exchanging technical know how.