Other Initiatives

Many initiatives exist that help the entrepreneur-to-be or employee in developing their entrepreneurial skills. HI adds the experience of seasoned high tech entrepreneurs on top of the existing infrastructure that supports entrepreneurs.


We would like to help you in finding out which part of the current infrastructure suits your help question best. Our entrepreneurs will refer to relevant initiatives during their meeting with you as a potential entrepreneur.


We have listed a number of existing initiatives without attempting to be exhaustive. HI does not have an opinion on the quality of these initiatives.


Incubators often offer well organized programs for accelerated growth of high-quality starters. In most of the cases an integrated package of services such as workspace, coaching, networking, (access) capital, etc. is offered. Comparable is the innovation-campus or a startup hub. Incubators are useful if you already have a clear idea of what can be worked out directly, if you need fast growth towards a successful enterprise or if you would like direct contact with other starting entrepreneurs.

A list of Dutch incubators you can find here.

Incubators or innovation-campuses in the western region of Holland (not exhaustive): 

Students entrepreneurs associations

Almost every university in The Netherlands has its own association for student entrepreneurs, organized by students themselves and often funded by the university. So if you are a student and you want to start your own business you can contact the association from your university. A list of student associations or information for students (not exhaustive):

Lugus | Leiden |

Studentondernemers020 | Amsterdam |

Student ondernemer | Twente |

Student Union | Twente |

Studentsinc | Utrecht |

Fontys | Eindhoven |

Education & coaching

Many organisations offer courses on entrepreneurship. They focus on helping entrepreneurs to start up their business or they answer questions like: how can I efficiently scale up? Or how do I write a business plan? Other organisations help you to develop your entrepreneurial skills. A few examples of courses (not exhaustive):

FME | Course entrepreneurship |

High Tech Institute | Creating business opportunity’s as a technology professional |

LOI | Course entrepreneurship / basics |

MKB cursus & training | Scaling up |

NCOI | Course entrepreneurship |

NHA | Course entrepreneurship |

Outside inc  | Accelerate sustainable innovation by entrepreneurship |

Performance company | Training personal entrepreneurship |

Spark+ | Masterclass scaling up |

Starterstraining | Online course for start-ups |

STEW | Advise and training SME’s |

Team academy | International school for entrepreneurship |

Vlerick Business school | Management- and entrepreneurial courses |

Wezenlijk veranderen | Course entrepreneurship |


Business coaches

(not exhaustive):

De Baak | Business coaching |

Brown Cow | Coaching and support for growth |

Coaching Rotterdam | Marco Tieleman business coach |

Eelco Smit | Eelco Smit personal and business coach |

Efactor group | Business network |

Foqus werkt | Experienced business coach |

Kegcoach | 1-to-1 business coaching |

Ondernemer coacht ondernemer | Several business coaches |

Yellow Walnut | Business Development, Growth |

Zakelijk success | Business coach for ‘ZZP’ and ‘SME’s |

Centres of Entrepreneurship

Centres of Entrepreneurship are partnerships between universities and /or graduate schools which provide start up support for students and/or entrepreneurs. The network of Dutch Centres of Entrepreneurships you find on


A list of centres of entrepreneurship (not exhaustive):

Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship |


Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship |

Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship |

Groningen Centre for Entrepreneurship |

Holland Program on Entrepreneurship (HOPE) |

Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship |

Rotterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship |

Start life |

Tilburg Centre of Entrepreneurship |

Utrecht Centre for Entrepreneurship |

Events, competitions

On a regular basis various events and competitions are organised for entrepreneurs-to-be. Examples are:

Get Started |

Rotterdam 100 |

Powered By Twente |

Start-up Bootcamp is an international organisation that helps start-ups and organizes events |