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Nano Engineering inspiration event @ TU Delft

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Nano Engineering inspiration event @ TU Delft

oktober 25, 2017 @ 13:30 - 17:00

“Nano” is not only a hot research topic, but is about to make the transition to create wide industrial and societal impact. To this end, the TU Delft Department Precision and Microsystems Engineering (PME) starts the Nano Engineering Research Initiative (NERI) to collaborate with industry and research institutes in order to develop real industrial applications: nano from lab to app.  To celebrate the start of NERI we organize on October 25th this Inspiration Event. The program allows you to discover opportunities for ground-breaking innovations of your devices and systems fuelled by nano.



13:30 hours:
Registration, coffee and tea


14:00 hours:
Welcome by Theun Baller – Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering, TU Delft
Marcel Tichem – Associate professor Micro and Nano Engineering, project leader NERI
André Boer – General Manager Krohne Altometer and Chairman Holland Instrumentation


14:15 hours:
Interview with Krohne and Nexperia who have signed the first collaboration contracts in the Nano Engineering Research Initiative (NERI), to develop breakthrough industrial applications: nano from lab to app


14:30 hours:
Inspiration market

In an exhibition-like setting you can engage with our researchers and NERI partners.
Engineered functional material structures.

Material components can be structured at nano/micro-scale to obtain unique mechanical properties, and to create material embedded sensors and actuators.

–         Design and modelling of metamaterials

–         Lattice- materials and actuators

–         Phononic materials

–         Active, 3D metamaterials

–         Energy harvesting for local sensing

Nanomaterials and devices.

The use of nanomaterials such as graphene and nanostructure functionalized surfaces create highly sensitive devices with improved properties.

–         Graphene pressure sensors

–         Graphene growth: towards large and perfect crystals

–         CVD-based nanodiamond patterns for biosensing and anti-fouling

–         Non-linear dynamics at the nano-scale

Smart polymer microfluidics.

Smart low-cost polymer devices integrate both sensing and microfluidic control for health care and environmental applications.

–         Topology optimization for smart polymer microfluidics

–         Polymer manufacturing across length scales

–         Scale-up of nanomanufacturing

–         Nano-particle based manufacturing

–         One-piece mechatronic material for soft robotics

Precision instruments.

The combination of precision engineering and micro/nano technology is the enabler for machines and instruments that allow operation at the very precise level and the very small length scale.

–         In-line nano-metrology

–         Advanced AFM, nano-pipette

–         Affordable high-precision: vision-controlled ferro-fluidic stages

–         Ferro-fluidic bearings

–         Reset control for dual stage positioning systems

–         Design for inherent dynamic balancing

–         Process modelling and optimization for Additive Manufacturing-based precision components

Lab tour.

See our facilities for micro/nano manufacturing and characterization.


16:30 hours:
Drinks and wrap-up
As Holland Instrumentation, we have the ambition to promote networking between companies to share developments, practices, and knowledge, and in that way create benefit for the companies. For long-term viability of our companies, innovation is essential. As HI we therefore also want to strengthen the links between industry and university research.


Date & Time:

Wednesday October 25, from 13:30 until 18:00.



TU Delft / Faculty 3mE -Laboratory of the department of Precision and Microsystems Engineering
Mekelweg 2, Delft


More information:

For more information you can contact Dr. Marcel Tichem (TU Delft/NERI, member Daily Board HI) or Drs. Gaby Offermans (TU Delft/NERI).


oktober 25, 2017
13:30 - 17:00