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Deadline / SBIC Noordwijk space programs for startups

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Deadline / SBIC Noordwijk space programs for startups

maart 15, 2018

SBIC (Space Business Innovation Centre) in Noordwijk supports startups which use space technologies or earth observation data by offering access to an international network, tools, knowledge and finance. Join one of their three programs, apply before March 15th!


Make space part of your business

If you are a (soon-to-be) startup founder that uses space technology or earth observation data, the date 15 March 2018 should be brightly highlighted in your calendar. Why? Because it is the application deadline for three high impact programs:


  • Rocket Program
    The Rocket Program is an intensive 10-week program for startups that are in the early stages of development. The goal is to validate your business idea. By the end of this workshop series, you will have found out if your technology is viable and if there are customers for your product or service.
  • ESA Business Incubation Program
    ESA BIC Noordwijk is specialized in supporting startups that use space technology for earthly applications. The 2-year program includes a € 50.000 incentive for development and IPR, as well as up to 80 hours of technology support from the European Space Agency.
  • Copernicus Incubation Program
    The Copernicus Incubation Program is a new initiative mean to specifically boost European startups that use earth observation data in their product or service.


Whichever program you are interested in, start your entrepreneurial journey by having a cup of coffee with our community manager Martijn Leinweber (via to discuss the possibilities.


maart 15, 2018