Our offer

HI strongly believes in sharing entrepreneurial expertise in an approachable, non-commercial way. In addition to the relevant initiatives which already exist (see Other initiatives) we offer valuable expertise in the High Tech Systems and Materials domain. With experience in several sectors our entrepreneurs help you to take the next step for your own entrepreneurial initiative. Let yourself be inspired during an informal conversation with one of our entrepreneurs or during a guest lecture or masterclass.

In order to profit from the activities of HI, your company or organisation should be a participant of the Holland Instrumentation Foundation. Please check with your supervisor if your organisation is participant or contact our pool coordinator Karin Huiberts.

Informal conversation

Do you have a brilliant high tech entrepreneurial initiative but need some support in taking the next step? During an informal conversation with an experienced entrepreneur you can discuss your idea or ambition. You will be provided with practical tips and/or you will be redirected to alternative professionals in a relevant network. If you are currently working in a high tech company and you would like to show more entrepreneurial behaviour in your day-to-day work, you are also welcome to contact us.

Guest lecture

Our successful entrepreneurs know what it takes to do business or to start a company in high tech. During a lecture at your company or institute, they tell their story as an entrepreneur or they will elaborate on relevant topics like scaling up, improving your return on investment or writing a business plan.


Meet fellow enterprising employees and/or entrepreneurs who have similar challenges as yours. Our entrepreneurs will question you by discussing recognisable cases while you have a lot of interaction with peers from other organisations. Sector-specific experiences will be shared, do’s and don’ts are discussed.